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#1 I’m a middle-aged ranter, with raging paranoia that the world is out to get me, and am in the midst of writing the 8 or 9 (depending upon how I split them up) volume series Forest at the Edge, with the first four books already available.

This series has grown into a full-fledged obsession, one that I never intended. The characters of Mahrree and Perrin began as a short story back in 2009 (Perrin didn’t even have a name for the first fifty pages), but they had so much to tell me about their little village at the edge of their known world and the treacherous forest; the bigger city of Idumea where the Administrators and Chairman Mal rule what they think is the entire world; and the sweetest soldier ever Shem who they just aren’t so sure about . . . well, the story kept growing and going. I didn’t create these characters; they just showed up one day in my head and ordered me to write about them. (They won’t shut up until I’ve finished, I think I’ll weep when that day comes.)

Their struggles to remain true to what they believe about the Creator and His will for them, in a world where the government increasingly controls more of their lives and sucks away more of their freedoms, should sound familiar to many. Indeed, sometimes I’m not sure if I’m in Edge or my hometown, but I confess that in my mind I frequently slip away to Edge, just for fun.

#2 I’ve also gone gluten free, not by my choice, however. So I’ve been converting my favorite recipes to gluten free and I share what works on Hycymum Peto’s Gluten Free recipes site.

#3 Because writing isn’t paying the bills (rarely does), our family also has an Etsy Shop where we make all kinds of clocks and signs we want in our house, a few of them customizable as well. Pop on in and see what we’ve got.

Oh, I also graduated from Brigham Young University (yes, I’m a card-carrying member of the Mormon Church: aka The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints) and Utah State University, earning a BA here and an MA there, have taught in colleges high and low, and have lived in Utah, Idaho, Maryland, Virginia, and South Carolina. I’m happy to live once more in the intermountain west with my husband and kids where buffalo literally roam on Main Street and coyotes howl in the nearby canyons. I’ve also recently become a grandmother, which word still trips me up, so that means I’ve earned the title of “Know It All.” I wear it proudly.

Contact me if you wish. Even if you don’t wish, here’s the form:

(In the distant future will also be this: Because I am frustrated of seeing posts by moms of only two kids (at most) hogging up Yahoo!’s very valuable page space and proclaiming to know all about pregnancy and childbirth, I am also writing a Very Sensible Book about what about childbirthing is all about. You see, I’ve have nine children in a twenty-one year span, and boy howdy, I’ve seen it all. And soon, so shall you. (That came out sounding worse than I meant. It will NOT be graphic, I promise. I’m far too squeamish).

But every new mom needs that trusted relative, that Aunt Fanny who can tell you what to reasonably expect. That’s me, so watch for my Sensible Guide and its accompanying website . . . someday.)

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